Romanian PSL-54C Sniper Rifle 7.62x54r

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New manufactured PSL Rifle. One of the most famous DMR rifles ever made, the PSL is just packed with features. From the sleek skeleton stock to the tip of the muzzle brake, this powerful rifle is a head-turner at the range and out in the field. The 4 groove barrel has a 1:10 twist. Comes with one 10 rd. magazine, and a Russian-made PO 4×24 optic. This rifle is manufactured exclusively in Romania for import by Eagle View Firearms.





  • Made in Romania
  • 24.5″ Chrome Lined Barrel
  • Reinforced Front Trunnion
  • Includes Russian PO 4X24 Optic
  • Laminated Thumbhole Stock
  • 7.62 x 54r
  • Includes one 10 round magazine

Romanian PSL

Romanian PSL 54c for sale sniper rifle with surplus wood furniture and original Romanian CHF chrome-lined barrel. However, shoots the inexpensive and powerful 7.62x54r round. Also, this is an early import by Century Arms and imported from Romarm. Furthermore, the firearm is in very good condition with a trunnion date of 1974. Also, the original barrel is dated 1974 as well.

This PSL possesses the bolt hold-open option and bayonet lug. However, most of the PSL’s on the market are missing these options as well as the original chrome-lined barrel. Furthermore, i have shot this firearm and it shoots great. Moreover, no feeding or ejection issues. Also, i only used new production steel cased ammo. Moreover, i have heard that surplus ammo is hit or miss. The Romanian military issued 1977 LPS TIP2 scope is in very good condition with only a small scratch on the outside of the rear eyepiece (see picture). Glass is clear with no scratches. Firearm and scope functions as they should. Scope serial number does not match the rifle serial number. This is normal.

romanian psl for sale

The Romanian Military has utilized the PSL Rifle series as a Sniper and Marksmen rifle for many years. These have been fielded in several combat theaters around the globe. They are similar in appearance to the SVD Dragunov but the PSL rifle is closer to the design of the AK47 Rifle. They are built with a reinforced front trunnion & receiver for high power 7.62x54R. Chambered in 7.62x54R, the PSL is able to engage targets at extended ranges. Optic rail on the left side of the receiver so you can add your favorite sniper scope. Great rifle to add to your Cold War collection or just have fun blasting targets at the range! Comes with 1 -10 round magazine. Extra mags are available. Does not come with Scope.

romanian psl vs dragunov

The PSL Sniper Rifle (Pusca Semiautomata cu Luneta, or “scoped semi-automatic rifle”) is a 7.62 x 54mm Rimmed Cartridge caliber platoon level sniping rifle. Developed in Romania in the 1970s to answer their sniping needs and similar in appearance to the Soviet Dragunov Sniping Rifle, the PSL is actually a much different rifle internally

Unlike the Soviet Dragunov, the PSL is built on a stamped receiver. None of the parts are interchangeable, including the magazines. The PSL is in essence an RPK design in a larger caliber with a longer front trunnion. The gas system is of the Kalashnikov design and differs considerably from the Dragunov. The rear stock has an integrated shape to fit the cheek rather than an attached cheek pad.


Original Romanian CHF chrome-lined barrel in beautiful condition. The Romanian military acceptance marks are visible.


Very good condition with no cracks.


The finish is in very good condition with only minor storage scuffs.


One 10 round magazine and both rubber eyepieces.

romanian psl parts kit

Eagles View Firearms PSL sniping rifles are built on 100% original Romanian parts and original and US-made receivers.

Eagles View Firearms PSL rifles have matching numbered parts (while available) with original wood and are serialized to match on original receivers.

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  1. Vancy

    All four mags came in pouch only one had minor rust and all had a cosmoline coating that cleaned up with ease. Pouch is in perfect condition. for being a surplus package all items are in great condition. I buy a lot of surplus items and these happen to be one of best deals I have found. I do gun shows and these mags are going for $100+ each when you can find them!

  2. Great


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