Kahr P380

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Caliber: .380 ACP
Capacity: 6+1
Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; “Browning – type” recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Barrel: 2.53″, Premium Lothar Walther Match Grade Barrel
Length O/A: 4.9″
Height: 3.9″
Slide Width: .75″
Weight: Pistol 9.97 ounces (w/o magazine)
Grips: Textured polymer
Sights: Drift adjustable, tritium night sights
Finish: Black polymer frame, matte blackened stainless steel slide
Magazines: 2 – 6 rd, Stainless, 1 – 7 rd, Stainless w/extended grip

Kahr P380

After two years in development, Kahr Arms has just introduced the Kahr P380 for sale, a polymer-framed, lightweight subcompact pistol chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge. Featuring Kahr’s famous double-action-only (DAO) trigger and a match grade barrel the little gun, loaded with 7 rounds of ammunition, only weighs about 12 ounces. It’s a sharpshooting gun that doesn’t cut any corners on quality.

kahr p380 for sale

Caliber: .380 ACP

Capacity: 6rds

Barrel: 2.53

Sights: Drift Adjustable Tritium Night Sights

Action: DAO

Frame: Black Polymer

Slide: Matte Black Stainless Steel

Length: 4.9

Width: .75

Height: 3.9

Weight: 9.97 oz (unloaded)

kahr p380 review

The P380 pistol from Kahr chambered for the .380 ACP caliber has a 2.53 barrel and an overall length of 4.9 with a height of only 3.9. It weighs in at just under 10 ounces (9.97 to be exact) without a magazine. The P380 is constructed of a black polymer frame matte stainless slide and textured polymer grips. The black polymer frame features 4140 steel inserts molded into the frame in the front and back. This is for added rigidity and strength not found on competitive brands.

kahr p380 magazine

The P380 features a lock breech modified Browning type recoil lug Kahr’s six patents including the safe cam action found in all pistols. These features result in a micro-compact pistol in a fighting caliber with very little felt recoil and quick follow-up shots. The P380 does not have a magazine disconnect nor does it have the double-strike capability. The Kahr  for sale also boasts real sights featuring drift adjustable white bar-dot combat sights that dovetail into the slide with optional night sights available. The quality of the tiny from Kahr is unrivaled when compared to competitive brands. The barrel is a premium Lothar Walther match grade polygonal rifled design allowing higher muzzle velocities for hollow point ammo than other conventional rifled barrels on competitive brands.

13 reviews for Kahr P380

  1. Derick

    Plus this gun is not available in a more “tactical” caliber like 9mm, .40S&W, or .357SIG. Yet another reason to go with the Glock over this pistol.

  2. Lucy

    There’s always that proviso, “ my gun”…Plenty of other owners speak of multiple failures and returns to Kahn even after the 200 round break in period.

  3. Jack N,

    I have several Crimson Trace lasers on various handguns. They all work great. So good are these products, with their “instant-on” feature, that I’ve actually replaced functioning lasers from other manufacturers with them. In the event that you have to use your handgun you will probably not have time to turn a sighting device on. I put this one on my wife’s Kahr CW 380. It immediately turned her into Annie Oakley! This one came from the factory perfectly sighted in. I never had to touch the adjusting screws. I will always choose Crimson Trace lasers for my self defense handguns. They cost more, but they are worth it.

  4. Kall

    My EDC is Kahr’s slightly larger (yet remarkably similar) big brother to the P380, the ‘premium’ Kahr PM9. I shot several sub/compact 9mm, plus a handful of popular .380 ACP handguns before deciding on the PM9. It’s still small enough to be a “pocket” gun for me, but is more manageable (and accurate) than ANY of the tiny .380 ACP ones I shot (including Glock’s 42), despite using the larger 9mm ammunition. Price did play a factor, as I didn’t pay Kahr’s ‘premium’ price, scoring a MA-compliant (PM9193 w/LCI + thumb safety) PM9, complete with hard case and included 3 mags, pre-owned at a local gun shop for 40% of Kahr’s MSRP. Plus, being pre-owned, it was already ‘broke in’ (as Kahr’s recommends).
    If I had to buy ‘new’, I may have opted for their more price-conscious CM9. I love my Kahr handgun, but also know people who loathe them. I will say that it can be a bear to rack the slide if I get out of practice, due to the aggressive slide serrations and stiff recoil spring. The checkered stippling on the front of the grip can also feel rough if I’m not using it regularly. Overall, solid handguns that helped invent the single stack market.
    Good, honest review of the Kahr P380 – thanks for the info!

  5. Matin

    The perfect addition to the perfect pocket pistol. Installs easily and integrates seamlessly with the pistol. The bright laser will add that extra level of added security in low-light situations if ever needed. Signed up for “free batteries for life” when registering the warranty with CT.

  6. Vavip

    This laser fits better than I could have imagined. It looks like the factory built it on the gun. Accuracy was right on at 20 yards which is pretty good for a pocket pistol. I would definitely buy it again.

  7. Tracy

    I have been using the same laser on my Kahr PM9 and am completely satisfied with its quality and function on the Kahr P380 as well. Easy to install and sight in. Excellent for low light/night conditions.

  8. Hilda

    This is my 2nd Crimson Trace Laserguard with the previous being installed on a 40 cal. These lasers are easy to install-about 5 min, compact, bright, and durable. I have also found that many of my holsters will accommodate these lasers without alteration.

  9. Lian

    Great little laser. I was able to use the same old pocket holster. good range. No off button to turn off when just plinking.easy setup. I am waiting to find out how long the battery lasts, so far so good, and signed up for free life time battery with Crimson.
    Pros: easy setup, accurate
    Cons: no off button when target shooting

  10. Hans

    I’ll stick with my Glock G27, thank you very much. The G26 and G27 were the original “pocket-rockets”.

  11. Jackson

    This laser was easy to install, works well, and is the easiest to activate without thinking about it. OpticsPlanet also had the best price by far, but order processing and shipping were a little slow.

  12. Kelly

    If you have a pocket pistol with minimal sights , this laser sight is a must. Crimson Trace makes a great product and backs it up. The only negative is that it adds 3.5 ounces of weight to the pistol. In my case that was a third of the guns weight. You should not depend solely on the laser, but any little bit helps.

  13. Zara

    The Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr P380 LG-433 is incredible! It installs effortlessly, and fits and operates flawlessly. Took it to the range and it was sighted in by the factory perfectly. 4-6 inch groupings around the bulls-eye at 25 yards. This is amazing accuracy for such a small pistol and speaks to extremely precise molding of the product during manufacture–no variance on a perfect fit. Love the fact that the laser is activated just by gripping the pistol as you normally would. Battery is good for a year, and there is currently a promotion for free batteries for life.I highly recommend this product. I was so impressed that I purchased a second Laserguard for another pistol.

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