G26 Gen5 Subcompact | 9x19mm


The GLOCK 26 is now available in GLOCK’s latest generation of perfection. A popular option for concealed carry, the GLOCK 26 Gen5 now features the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB), delivering increased accuracy with polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown. Other features include the removal of the finger grooves, an ambidextrous slide and the superior GLOCK hard-surface finish nDLC.

glock 26 review

glock 26 review It comes with front serrations (FS) which provide an additional tactile surface choice when manipulating the slide giving the operator positive traction even with wet or sweaty hand.

is also known as the “Baby Glock” due to its small size and is sold in 3 different generations, from Gen 3-Gen5. A Glock 26 shoots a 9mm Luger cartridge for fast and accurate shots when you need them the most. Before we get into the different models of the Glock 26, it’s best to understand the purpose and capability of the pistol to determine if this is something you’d like.

I recommend the Glock 26 for police officers who carry the Glock 19 or the Glock 22 as their service pistol. The 26 can easily be carried on your ankle for a seamless transition between your primary carry pistol and your back-up.  I will review each of the 3 Generations of the 26, so you can decide for yourself what fits you best.


  • Great Price for used models
  • Perfect for a concealed carry pistol
  • Great gun to learn on for smaller men, women, and children
  • This gun weighs 1.6 lbs fully loaded, making it incredibly comfortable to carry
  • Fits perfect as an ankle holster
  • Great back-up pistol for law enforcement


  • The finger grooves are very uncomfortable and cause you to grip the pistol in a standard position
  • Gen 4 and 5 are much better pistols and will give you a much better feel
  • Buying new for a Gen 5 is like buying the original Playstation, it might work just fine, but it’s not going to feel or look as good as the Playstation 4 (I can’t wait for the 5!)
  • The trigger pull weight is very heavy for such a compact pistol


  • Safe Action safety feature (no manual safety)
  • Loaded chamber indicator added to all Gen 3 pistols
  • Thumb rests for ambidextrous characteristics
  • Added finger grooves
  • Added Universal Glock Rail

Why Should I Buy The Glock 26 Gen 5?

The Glock 26 Gen 5 is a great gun to own because you can get this gun used and fairly cheap at gun shows, pawnshops, or online retailers. There are deficiencies in Gen 5 , but this could be a great starter gun for concealed carry purposes and to learn how to shoot a pistol. For example, the 1st Glock I ever shot was the 26 (Gen 5), and it’s small enough to take away the intimidation of holding a gun and easier to control for shooters with smaller hands. I haven’t met anybody that likes the finger grooves in the early Glocks, but like the saying goes “to each his/her own.”







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