G23 Gen5 Compact | .40 S&W

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GLOCK’s compact 40 S&W, now features the latest Gen5 technologies including the nDLC finish, a flared mag-well,  enhanced GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy, and an ambidextrous slide stop lever.


g23 compact

Firstly , it is a pistol manufactured by the Austrian company Glock . It is identical to the Glock 19 (9 mm) but in caliber .40 S&W . Compact short barrel models, it targets the police and personal defense weapons market . g23 compact


  • G23: standard model appeared in 1991.
  • G23C: the letter C indicates that the weapon is equipped with a compensator which reduces the bearing of the weapon when firing. The compensator is composed of two orifices on the top of the breech (at the front of the weapon) and of holes on the top of the barrel in order to allow the gases produced during the combustion of the powder contained in the barrel to escape.


All G23s sold from 1998 on have a carcass fitted with a molded accessory rail and featuring an anatomical grip. In 2010, the fourth generation G23 / G23C appeared with an interchangeable back of butt (3 sizes).

In popular culture 

furthermore , weapon is notably carried by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Eppes and Sinclair in Numb3rs , US Marshal Mary Shannon in Witness Protection and Detective Thomas Craven of the Boston Police (played by Mel Gibson ) in Out of Control.



3 reviews for G23 Gen5 Compact | .40 S&W

  1. Callito

    This glock speed loader is not so much a speed loader, as it is more of a thumb saver. It is quite cumbersome to use due to its small size, especially for someone with big hands. It ends up taking longer than handloading can take because you need to push the previous round down with the new round even with the loader pressed all the way down. And then once the new round gets past the lips of the magazine, you need to carefully lift up the loader and push the round all the way down.

  2. Varis

    I was initially worried about the quality based on the price. I am glad my concerns were for nothing.
    Since the purchase, I have used this to load two different manufacturers magazines (OEM Glock and Magpul) with two different kinds of rounds (both steel jacket and brass) in 9mm. I didn’t have a single issue using this. Over the course of two different loading sessions and one trip to the range, I have loaded easily 500 rounds through this into my various mags so far, and it has worked flawless. I highly recommend this speed loaded for any Glock owner.

  3. Divine

    The product sent is not Glock OEM, as explicitly stated in the item description. It is made by SGM Tactical and the plastic has a slightly thinner feel to it. It seems to work fine, but who knows if it will hold up like the Glock OEM.

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