G19 Gen5 MOS Compact | 9x19mm


With the G19 Gen5 MOS GLOCK enhances the desirability of the already near-perfect Gen5 model with the addition of the Modular Optic System (MOS). The slide is precision machined to provide a mounting system for popular optic sights. With multiple adapter plates, you can quickly and easily mount miniature electronic sights to the rear of the Gen5 GLOCK slide, which has front serrations for easier and quicker manipulations.


g19 gen5 mos – Modular Optic System for Gen5

In my recent review of the g19 gen5 mos, I discussed some points that make it one of the best.

certainly the best GLOCK I’ve had to the pleasure to holster. Today we are going to be looking at the latest variation of the ever-popular GLOCK 19.

I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed by this gun. I know that’s a rough way to start a review, but I’ve owned about a half dozen versions. The design choices on the G19 Gen5 are somewhat late to the game and many are questionable.

My bias here comes from the fact that I tested this gun alongside the new G45 . The G45 is so easy to handle and shoot . This made this gun appear to be the runty sibling by comparison.

The very source of complaints by some about the G45 — its G17 size grip — is what makes the gun so damn shootable. That’s a good place to start with the G19 Gen5, as the grip is a mixed bag.

The most noticeable and ungainly feature of the grip is the front area.

I’m not sure what the intent of this cutout was — possibly for yanking a stubborn mag that won’t easily drop — but it shouldn’t be there.

Maybe the GLOCK designers believe that people rip the magazines out with their pointer.

As far as accuracy is concerned, the pistol isn’t quite as good as many I have tried and certainly not as accurate as the G45. This GLOCK 19 has the same upgraded Gen5 GLOCK trigger and even with an identical barrel length and sight radius in the nDLC finished slide, the longer, more comfortable grip of the G45 handily bested the G19 in everything but the area of concealability.

 the high traction Gen5 frame texture, quickly reversible magazine catch, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the GLOCK Modular Backstrap System (MBS) for individual operator adjustability, the universally-acclaimed GLOCK Safe Action® System and high visibility orange magazine followers.





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