Bulgarian Makarov

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  • Item Number: 666635
  • Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov
  • Action: Semi-automatic (SA/DA)
  • Capacity: 8
  • Barrel length: 3.68″
  • Frame: Steel, blued
  • Grips: Polymer, black
  • Sights: Fixed
  • Overall weight: 1.62 lbs.
  • MFG Number: HG2305G
  • UPC: 787450313286

Bulgarian Makarov


From Bulgaria with love. Whether you’re a collector or looking for some fun at the range, the Bulgarian Makarov for sale will never disappoint. Also, with blued steel for corrosion resistance, it’s constructed for the long haul and to give you numerous years of loyalty.

Bulgarian Makarov Semi-automatic 9x18mm Makarov imported by Century International Arms Inc.  However, north America’s largest importer of surplus and new firearms and accessories for over 50+ years. Furthermore, they are well known in the industry for importing outstanding Rifles, Pistols, and Shotguns for collectors and shooters alike. However, not only do Century firearms look and feel great; they are fully functional and shoot extremely well.

bulgarian makarov for sale

Get your hands on a surplus Bulgarian Makarov pistol from Century Arms! This is a cold war classic manufactured by Arsenal of Bulgaria, chambered in the venerable Russian caliber 9x18mm Makarov. Also, these pistols are used surplus and in good working order but may exhibit some wear on the finish in addition to some dings and scratches. It’s a double-action/single-action pistol with a 3.68″ barrel and a safety/decocker on the slide. If you need a reliable handgun for practice or defense, without breaking the bank, take a look at the Makarov!

The Cold War and beyond

During the cold war, the Makarov was manufactured in several communist countries. One of these countries was Bulgaria. This famous Eastern Bloc military pistol can be very hard to locate for sale. Bulgarian Makarov’s saw action from 1951-1991, and now they’re looking for more.

  • Blued steel frame for corrosion resistance
  • Both single and double action
  • 8-round magazine included

Condition: Used, in fair to good shape. Will have surface scratches and wear, due to long-term storage, but is completely functionally sound. Pull this trigger on this great value! Order today!

bulgarian makarov magazines

  • Item Number: 666635
  • Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov
  • Action: Semi-automatic (SA/DA)
  • Capacity: 8
  • Barrel length: 3.68″
  • Frame: Steel, blued
  • Grips: Polymer, black
  • Sights: Fixed
  • Overall weight: 1.62 lbs.
  • MFG Number: HG2305G
  • UPC: 787450313286

bulgarian makarov grips

Century Arms Bulgarian Makarov HG2305-G
Semi Automatic Pistol
9x18mm Makarov, 9x18mm PM
3.68″ Barrel
8 Rounds
Fixed Sights
Blued Finish
Overall Length 6.36″
Weight 24 oz



55 reviews for Bulgarian Makarov

  1. Frank

    Fast processing, fast shipping, product arrived better then expected. Cool pistol for a good price. Will match well with my Arsenal SLR104 that is dressed to look like a aks74u.

  2. Jeul

    Great surplus firearm. Very minor rust near rear sight and still had some cosmoline or grease in the action. Has normal holster wear on slide, but overall great purchase. I would buy again.

  3. Heffs

    Great price,gun was in really good condition. It was the best price anywhere ! ! ! You guys are 5 Stars ! !

  4. Martch

    A lot better than expected, Had minor holster wear in a few spots. Took exactly 6 days to receive after ordering. I couldn’t be happier. Get one while you can!

  5. Daiga

    Fast processing, fast shipping, product arrived better then expected. Cool pistol for a good price. Will match well with my Arsenal SLR104 that is dressed to look like a aks74u.

  6. Pasive

    Numerous surplus firearms bought from DK’s and not one have I been disappointed in, and the makarov is no exception. Very few nicks or scratches, zero rust, clean barrell, nice bluing. Mine came with the brown grip, which is what I was hoping they would send. I always opt for the hand-pick as I feel they actually give me the best of 10. I do hope they start getting more surplus long guns in the future so I can start building up that collection too.

  7. PHILP

    Priced a bit high for condition, but I understand supply and demand. Otherwise, a good transaction and a nice gun.

  8. Dalton Mat

    The makarov arrived in pretty rough shape. For one it was extremely grimy. I gave it a soapy bath and buffed with steel wool to remove pitting and rusty and now it looks to be in good condition.

  9. Rose N

    The weapons were advertised as being “very good.” For that condition, I thought $369 was a bit on the pricey side. But when they arrived, I did a detailed disassembly and cleaning and came to find out that the guns were on the high side of “very good”, i.e., approaching (or even in) the “excellent” category. Very nice weapons and well worth the money. I look forward to dealing with DK Firearms again.

  10. Palvin

    Great service and fast shipping. Will buy again

  11. Daina

    Accurately represented, minimal scratches on slide, magazine in good condition & feeds well

  12. Yanic

    The pistol I received was in nearly mint condition. If this is any indication of the products you offer, I will gladly continue doing business with you.

  13. Druk

    Not bad at all perfect for a shooter.

  14. Erick

    Great buying from Eagle. Happy with this makarov! Thank you!

  15. Daniel

    Got my Makarov delivered to my doorstep on Friday afternoon. I went to shoot it that same day without any cleaning. I put 50 rounds of PPU JHP through it. Not a single hiccup, and very accurate. I love it. If I could I’d buy another. I did not pay for hand pick and it’s in really good shape.

  16. Zack

    Pistol was in excellent condition. Not even any holster wear evident. I did choose the hand pick option.

  17. Vivain

    So I’d been looking around off and on for a Makarov for a bit and came across these.
    The pistol I received looked to be damn near NIB with the exception of a tiny bit of wear on the safety selector.
    The barrel was absolutely immaculate and flawless, the bluing was extremely dark and uniform as well.
    If I had to rate the pistol I received it would easily be a 9.5:10 (I did choose the hand select option).
    One peculiarity was it has what looks to me like 3 VERY TINY characters electro penciled into the rear frame above where the thumb rest it.
    Definitely a piece of history right here, the gun you receive is anything like the one I did? You will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.
    They’re selling (not listed for, but actually selling) at $450+ on gun joker, so I’d strongly advise picking one up if you’re on the fence.

  18. Jacky

    Very nice pistol. Had a fair amount of cosmoline which necessitated a soak in mineral spirits and a good brushing of all parts. Cosmetically like a barely used gun. Getting the slide back on demanded a lot more effort than I expected. I must have spent a couple of hours trying, looking at you tube videos and finally giving up until the next morning. Finally after putting on a pair of leather gloves and exerting maximum strength I did it. I’m in my 80’s and don’t have the same strength as some younger kids but I accomplished it and am convinced that I’ve found the way to reassemble it and am looking forward to finally firing it once the Florida county folks reopen the ranges. All in all a good purchase and I would recommend it to others.

  19. Lee

    Shipped quickly and the ordering process was very easy. Firearm appears to have been limited use. Will order from DK much more often.

  20. Mandy

    Will order again without hesitation. Thank you!

  21. Pupu

    Purchased the standard grade. The photos on the website must all be hand select grade. The one I received has more than just finish loss (holster wear, bluing rubbed off, etc.). It also has light and fine pitting/corrosion in a few places on the outside of the slide. I am going to take it to my gunsmith and discuss how to proceed – rebluing or parkerizing.

  22. Tracy

    I just got my Makarov , A nice addition to my Tokarevs this thing looks awesome, it’s in really good condition, the bore looks like it’s never been shot , no pitting or scratch’s ,almost looks new .The bluing is a little thin in places, but not bad at all. Only thing I wish it came with star grips instead of the black grips. But no problem I already ordered surplus star grips, I like that look . I ordered it late Sunday night on 2nd August it shipped on the third it was at my FFL ready to pick up on the sixth, that was awesome fast ,I expected to have to wait a few weeks with the Covid . Now I’m going to give it a good cleaning ( I give all my surplus guns a good cleaning before shooting them ) OK that’s enough of this review I want to get at my Makarov ,I’ll run a few rounds through it and update this review . If you haven’t got one I highly recommend you grab one while they’re available, They’ll dry up for a while then when they come back the price is just going to be higher. If this thing is as good as shooter as I think it’s going to be I might have to grab a second one. Stay safe , stay healthy.

  23. Cice

    Picked up my Makarov today from my FFL , Awesome fast service I ordered it on the 2nd which is a Sunday night it was that my FFL yesterday the 6 th ready to be picked up, this thing looks awesome, tons better than I expected , I’ll have to admit I was a little afraid to order from you guys because you were the only ones online that had them ,and at a decent price. Only thing I wish it had came with the Bakelite grips but other than that it’s an awesome gun, The barrel looks like it was never shot, no pits or scratchs, I’m about to give it a good cleaning and then I’ll take it out and shoot. Just had to let you guys know I appreciate the gun and appreciate the fast service.

  24. Kelly

    I am really pleased with the quality of the firearm, as well as the constant communication from DK Firearms on the shipping status. I look forward to doing business with them again.

  25. Kiss

    i order 2 of them both hand selected one was a little worn a little pitting , the other was allmost unused no bluing no damage no pitting both shiped fast it was great thank you dk

  26. Glassy

    Came in great condition, but did take kinda long to ship overall would not hesitate to order again and have already suggested one of your surplus guns to a friend again

  27. Jery

    Good service and accurate description

  28. Jude

    Cheaper the gun broker! Similar grade Bulgarian Maks selling for $450 elsewhere! Very happy with my hand pick. Only minor holster wear with ideal import mark location.

  29. Francis

    Very happy with the condition and price! Fast shipping!

  30. Yoland

    I would rate mine as Very Good. Light surface patina that came off with bronze wool revealing solid bluing. Mechanically flawless with perfect bore. Good price on a good gun.

  31. Christy

    Lightning fast shipping + free shipping + no tax. These guys are on top of it. Will definitely buy from again

  32. Keny

    It’s got some wear marks and only 1 mag, but it cleaned up nice, works great, and the price is pretty good.

    Also the importer was cool and put their mark on the frame and not the slide.

  33. Henry k

    I did handpicked and got a very nice one. Quick shipping.

  34. Grapy

    Bought the standard pick it only minor finish wear and is very nice

  35. Hanse

    Great choice for Cold war collectors. Well made pistol, well built and closely identical to Russian version, if not the same. Know a buddy that carries one as a ccw.