Beretta APX Centurion

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Beretta APX Centurion

The Beretta APX Centurion pistol extends the proven APX Series to a mid-size duty or concealed carry size. Also, it features a 15+1 (9mm) or 13+1 (.40 S&W) flush fit magazine that it shares with the Full-size variant.
As with all APX pistols, the APX Centurion has been designed specifically for military and law enforcement users who have a need for a smaller pistol with similar handling characteristics to their duty pistols.

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The APX Centurion features an end-user removable serialized chassis and can be easily
modified with replaceable grip frame housings.
Controllability and ergonomics are an APX focus. However, low bore axis, ambidextrous slide catch, reversible magazine release, aggressive slide serrations, and a trigger that breaks at 6 lbs with a clear tactile and audible short reset.

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The Beretta Centurion 9mm Pistol is a mid-size handgun designed to deliver improved control and ergonomics. Also, this concealed carry handgun is built with a low bore axis, reducing muzzle jump and providing more natural, controlled pointing during quick-action scenarios. However, aggressive serrations on the slide of this 9mm offer a positive grip when manipulating the slide for faster press checks and clearing of the chamber. Furthermore, to optimize its use by a variety of shooters, the APX Centurion features a reversible magazine release and ambi slide catch that allows both right- and left-handed shooters to efficiently operate the handgun. Also, the trigger on this mid-size pistol breaks cleanly at six pounds and offers a short reset with tactile and audible indication, allowing quick follow-up shots and a consistently crisp trigger pull.

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  • Crisp trigger breaks at 6 lbs.
  • Mid-size build perfect for concealed carry
  • Tactile and audible trigger reset for improved usability
  • Low bore axis provides improved balance for natural pointing
  • Aggressive serrations provide a positive grip when manipulating the slide
  • The reversible magazine release and ambi slide catch offer ambidextrous control
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  • UPC: 082442894379
    Model: JAXQ921
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Striker-fired
  • Sight Radius: 5.7 in.
  • Magazine Capacity: 15
  • Weight (Unloaded): 27 oz.
  • Barrel Length: 3.7 in.
  • Overall Height: 5.19 in.
  • Overall Length: 6.97 in.

4 reviews for Beretta APX Centurion

  1. Benzy

    Absolutely love it !! Own both this and the full size

  2. Jack

    Got this for a Christmas gift from my wife and I love it! Fires great and had zero jams in the 100 rounds I put through it. I’d definitely recommend it.

  3. Vamoy

    Feels great in my hands, like how I can easily take it apart and put it back together. I am just as amazed when I first saw it to now that I got it! Good buy at the price it is at as well!

  4. Dasy

    A very underrated handgun. An ugly duckling but a joy to shoot and extremely reliable. Scheels had this firearm priced considerably less than any online retailer or auction site I could find. Liked the full size APX I purchased from Scheels so much that I went back and bought the Centurion a couple months later.

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