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Yes, Guardian Armory still provides the latest news, product reviews, and lifestyle content about guns that millions of readers have enjoyed for years. We will also keep you up to date on ammo, mags, and optics! 

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Federal law allows sales of long guns to persons 18 or older, and of handguns to persons 21 or older. We are currently working on the technical ability to allow both age restrictions to be applied appropriately, but until that capability is in place, we are forced to place an age restriction of 21 on all firearm sales. We hope to have this fixed soon.
Once an order is placed, we are unable to change or add to an existing order. 

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order. If you would like to cancel, please contact our Rangemasters at +1 202-683-8052 so that we can review your order and determine if it is able to be cancelled

For firearms, shipping charges will be applied to your order in the event that the product is not sourced from your local gun store. Eagles View currently charges $25 per gun for shipping. 

Ammo is always shipped ground, and costs $10.95. 

  • There is an additional fee applied to orders over 100 lbs., this will be calculated in your shopping cart.

Optics and magazines shipping costs vary based on the level of shipping.

  • Standard = $7.95
  • 2 Day = $27.95
  • Next Day = $42.95

Eagles View Merch ships standard and has no shipping cost.

Additional questions? Reference our Shipping policy. 

The exportation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories over the years has been heavily regulated in the U.S., and despite all this we do out best to be at the top, so we can ship any of our products outside the U.S. We can ship to a freight forwarder who then ships outside the U.S

No, Guardian Armory does no have a retail store. We aim to support your community's local gun stores and sell their products. We want your local gun store to have more business.

For firearms, if your selected gun is currently in stock at a local store, you can pick it up immediately! If there is a need to ship the gun to your local FFL, please allow 5-7 days for receipt.

For Optics and magazines it varies based on the shipping option selected (standard, 2 day or next day). 

Ammo and Eagles View Merch ship standard and should arrive in 5-7 business days. 

No, Eagles View will contact your local FFL, obtain a copy of their license, and verify that it is still current. We take all the hard work off your plate that other retailers make you do!

Eagles View will send you an email (and text message if you have selected that option) once your gun is ready to be picked up.

Please visit or ask your local, state, or Federal officials to ensure you are in compliance with the most up to date local laws. It is your responsibility to understand the various laws and ensure that you are in compliance.

You will not need to fill out any paperwork in order for your gun to be delivered to your local FFL dealer. Unlike other online retailers, Eagles View will reach out to them to secure their current Federal Firearms License so that we can ship the gun as quickly as possible. When you pick up your gun, you will need to fill out any paperwork required by the dealer.

Yes. Guardian Armory never sells or shares any of your personal information unless you have specifically selected the option to receive offers from those partners. For full information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

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